KKC Swimming Sports 2012

What a great turnout of swimmers and parents to our annual Swimming Sports held over 2 days.  Congratulations to our champions and runners up.  There have also been a number of records broken so well done to those swimmers.

Year 7 Girls Champion                     Tessa Bradley

Year 7 Girls Runner Up                    Hannah Maloni

Year 7 Boys Champion                     Simon Van Timmeren                      

Year 7 Boys Runner Up                    Jacob Strong

Year 8 Boys Champion                     Sam Diggelmann                                

Year 8 Boys Runner Up(JOINT)       Kinnon Nelson and Asher Jones

Year 8 Girls Champion                     Rebecca Holwerda

Year 8 Girls Runner Up                    Tyler Davidson

Year 9 Boys Champion                     Nathan Davies

Year 9 Boys Runner Up                    Jayden Van Timmeren

Year 9 Girls Champion                     Libby Bradley                                       
                                                         Broke 5 records:  1 length freestyle,
                                                         200m freestyle, 1 length Breaststroke
                                                         1 length Backstroke and Medley

Year 9 Girls Runner Up                    Lucy Scown

Year 10 Boys Champion                  Liam Cossey                                          
                                                        Broke record: 1 length freestyle

Year 10 Boys Runner Up                 Brendan Reid

Year 10 Girls Champion                   Stacey Muir                                            
                                                         Broke 1 record: 200m freestyle

Year 10 Girls Runner Up                 Grace Diggelman
                                                        Gaia Pini  - Broke 1 record: 1 length freestyle

Year 11 Boys Champion                  Tyrone Julian                                        

Year 11 Boys Runner Up                 Koos Van Timmeren

Year 11 Girls Champion                   Gina Swanney

Year 11 Girls Runner Up                  Zoe D’ath

Year 12 Boys Champion                  Kahu Craig Ranga

Year 12 Boys Runner Up                 Cameron Muir

Year 12 Girls Champion                  Emma Shanley McDonald

Year 12 Girls Runner Up                 Hayley Nicol

Year 13 Boys Champion                  David Comer

Year 13 Boys Runner Up (JOINT)   Jacob Mohi and Jake Riley

Year 13 Girls Champion                   Toby Hendy                                            
                                                         Broke 1 record: 200m free

Year 13 Girls Runner Up                  Rhona Miller

Swimming Sports 2012 backstroke

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