1986 What efforts were made by the major powers to avoid war in the 1920s? Why were there threats to world peace by 1931?

1987 Why did Adolf Hitler and the Germans object to the Treaty of Versailles? In what ways did Hitler's foreign policies upset international relations in Europe 1938-1941?

1988 Why was the League of Nations set up? What were the major weaknesses and failures of the League of Nations?

1989 Why did some countries adopt a policy of appeasement in the 1930s? How did the aggressive powers take advantage of appeasement 1935-1938?

1990 Why did the Fascist powers adopt aggressive foreign policies in the 1930s? How was this shown during the period 1931-1937?

1992 What aspects of the Treaty of Versailles caused bitterness in Germany after WW I? In what ways did Adolf Hitler fail to keep to the terms of the Treaty between 1933 and 1938?

1993 How did Hitler's actions in 1938 and 1939 lead to the outbreak of war? What was the extent of Axis success by 1941?

1994 Why did the peace settlement after WW I cause ill feeling between Germany and the Allies? In what ways did relationships between European countries improve between 1924 and 1929?

1995 What aggressive actions threatened peace in Europe and Asia between 1930 and 1937? How did the League of Nations attempt to deal with these challenges?

1996 In what ways did major countries attempt to deal with international aggression from 1936 to 1941? Describe the successes of German and Japanese aggression in this period.

1997 Describe how the countries of Europe tried to secure peace throughout the 1920s. What weaknesses were there in their attempts to establish a permanent peace during this time?

1998 For what reasons did European nations become involved in war during the period 1937 to 1939? Describe how European conflict in 1939 spread into a world war by the end of 1941

1999 Describe international agreements that were signed in the 1930s. How did these agreements help to cause World War II?

2000 What attempts were made to restore and maintain peace after WWI, 1919-1920? How did people and countries react to these attempts to restore and maintain peace up to 1930?

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