The League of Nations

In 1918 President Wilson had put forward his ’14 points’ - a plan for peace. The last of these points called for the setting up of an international collective security organisation. This organisation, called the League of Nations, was set up in 1919.

The League of Nations would punish an aggressive country by;
- trade sanction (cutting off all trade)
- military sanction.
Mandates were former colonies of Germany or Turkey which had been confiscated (trustee territories).
The League of nations was also concerned with;
- organising commissions to deal with special jobs such as disarmament, health &
The 3 weaknesses of the League of Nations were;
- 3 of the great powers were not members. To succeed, the LON needed the support of
all the great powers.
- The LON had no power to enforce its decisions (i.e. no police force or army). No standing army.
- The LON could only use force in a dispute if all the members agreed.
3 great powers who weren’t involved were; USA, Russia, Germany.

In the 1920’s the League did have some success in solving conflicts, e.g. between Greece and Bulgaria in 1925. However the big test for the League was to come in the 1930’s
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