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ICAS Exams

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ICAS Exams
by hilary johnson - Friday, 2 August 2019, 8:20 AM

Changes to the ICAS exams
The ICAS exams are being held in Term 3 this year and each exam costs $15 to enter. All of the ICAS exams will be online exams, which will be sat by students under standard exam conditions. The closing dates and sitting dates for the exams are listed below. Please ensure that all payments are made to the student office by these closing dates, and clearly indicate which exam(s) your child will be sitting.  


Date of exam

Closing date for entry

Digital Technologies

Wed 4 September

Wed 21 August


Thur 5 September

Wed 21 August


Tues 17 September

Fri 30 August


Thur 19 September

Fri 30 August