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2017 Cross Country

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2017 Cross Country
by Alistair Simpson - Wednesday, 10 May 2017, 2:32 PM

KATIKATI COLLEGE | Cross Country, 2017.
Tuesday May 23rd, Day 4.

The day will run as follows:

Period 1:      Normal Classes

Period 2:      Normal Classes

INTERVAL –finishes at 11:15am

Period 3:      Normal Classes – 11:15 to 12:10

LUNCH 12:10 -12:30pm

12:30pm      All students to form classes for roll call & then to Moore Park

1:00pm        Students are to be seated in the grandstand


Race Times

Year 7 girls race at 1:15pm

Year 7 boys race at 1:20pm

Year 8 girls race at 1:25pm

Year 8 boys race at 1:30pm

Junior girls race at 1:35pm

Junior boys race at 1:40pm

Intermediate girls race at 1:45pm

Intermediate boys race at 1:50pm

Senior girls race at 1:55pm

Senior boys race at 2:00pm.


Ages for each race are at January 1st

Junior – under 14 [12, 13]

Intermediate – under 16 [14, 15]

Senior – over 16 [16+]


Rules – Information

1.       Any student who completes the course will receive a point for their house and the first 25 runners in each race will receive points as follows:

26 points for first place

25 points for second place

24 points for third place and so on.

2.       The fastest 6 runners in each age group [Year 9-13] will be selected to represent Katikati College at the Thames Valley Secondary Schools Championship, this will be held on Wednesday 31st May, Week 5.

3.       Maps will be up in form rooms, the Action Centre noticeboard and on moodle.

4.       All year 7 to 10 students must be in the correct PE gear.  Seniors [Year11- 13] need to wear appropriate gear.  We encourage seniors to wear their house colours. Shoes are advised.

5.       At the end of your race you need to sit in the stadium to support the other runners in your house.

6.       Remember to change at school before you head down to Moore Park and take part as best you can.  It is a compulsory event and house competition as well.

7.       There are two different courses for the senior boys. The competitive course is 5.4km (only students that run the competitive course are eligible for the TV cross country) and the non-competitive course is 4.15km (can only gain one house point if you complete this course).

8.       Non-participants – Need to bring a note explaining why you’re not participating and come down to Moore Park with their form class. You will then be given supervised work in the clubrooms. Some non-participates may have the opportunity to help with the running of the event.