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by Alistair Simpson - Tuesday, 1 July 2014, 2:13 PM

Important Information: Measles

There is currently an outbreak of measles affecting Waikato schools, with 84 confirmed cases as of 30 June.  Since December 2013 there have been 218 cases in New Zealand, mostly in the Auckland and Waikato regions.


With the upcoming school holidays now is an important opportunity for parents to ensure their children are up to date with their immunisations.


Measles immunisation is free and is the best way to prevent measles.  Two doses of the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine is 99% effective in preventing measles. The MMR vaccine is given as part of the usual childhood immunisations at 15 months of age and at 4 years of age. If any, or both, of these immunisations have been missed, it is not too late to catch up. If there is an outbreak of measles at a school, students who have not had their immunisations may be required to stay at home for two weeks (or longer) to ensure they don’t pass measles on to others.


For more information please see the attached information sheet or go to:


Thank you for your assistance with helping to prevent the spread of measles in our communities.