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Canterbury Mechanical Engineering Department

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Canterbury Mechanical Engineering Department
by Alistair Simpson - Tuesday, 6 May 2014, 8:14 AM

The University of Canterbury Mechanical Engineering Department awarded Ethan Meder and Sven Knottenbelt from Katikati College BE(Hons).  Last year they completed cutting edge final year projects which were sponsored by some of New Zealand’s premiere companies. They worked on two of this year’s most interesting projects.

Ethan’s team helped to develop a new design for a highly maneuverable and light

tourism aircraft - a helium Blimp. Traditional airplanes can travel fast, but they lack the maneuverability that is important for sightseeing in isolated locations. Ethan’s team built a working prototype that was showcased at the group’s end of year presentation to industry professionals.

MoorMaster™ is a New Zealand company which invented a novel mooring technology for large ships, like the Interislander or a cargo ship. It uses giant vacuum pads which are sucked onto the hull of the ship. It can moor the ships in seconds, and the docking is far more stable and safer for workers than the conventional ropes. MoorMaster approached Canterbury because they wanted to know the life expectancy of all the parts in the robotic arms that mount the suction pads onto the dock. Sven’s project was to design a way of testing these parts for every form of damage they could undergo over decades of use.

Canterbury is immensely proud of these students and look forward to students of Ethan and Sven’s calibre for years to come.