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Yr 7 Writing
by Kelvin Maine - Thursday, 7 June 2012, 2:14 PM

Mr Wolf story by Kristen Corbett of the 'KKC Afterschool writers Group'


The Wolf And Piglets
Mr Wolf prowled through the long grass his stomach grumbling and groaning. A small field mouse darted across the yard. Mr Wolfs ruffled fur stood up on end, his pointed ears twitched, his lanky legs swayed and finally gaveway. Mr Wolf is afraid of mice. He is also afraid of cats, rats, the woods, getting wet, the cupboard under the stairs, a various range of vegetables and last but not least pigs.
PIGS with their pointy little ears and cheeky grins. Mr Wolf could not help but despise them. Mr Wolfs hatred started not so long ago.
It was back when gardening was becoming very fashionable. Despite his hatred of vegetables Mr Wolf had decided to take it up. He knew his facebook friends would very much approve. So he started to get to work, laying out the seeds and building the scarecrow. Very soon the garden began to come to life. Fluoresent orange carrots were popping up everywhere.
It was far too much for Mr Wolf to eat all by himself.. So Mr Wolf set out to ask the neighbours if they would like to induldge in carrot soup with him. Mr Wolfs neighbours were new to the area, in fact Mr Wolf had not even had the opportunity to meet them before.
Soft green grass stuck to his scrawny feet as he made his way towards a house made only of straw. Forgetting that he was completely allergic to the stuff, Mr Wolf rapped softly on the front door. "Excuse me little pig but would you please let me in?" asked Mr Wolf politely. "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" replied the pig. Mr Wolf let out a great big sneeze. The straw began to rustle. Small tufts of straw began to fly through the air, landing gracefully on the tip of his nose. "ACHOOOOOOO!". The House had exploded into a heap before Mr Wolf could even begin to apologise.
Mr Wolf walked casually over to the next house. It was made entirely by rotting twigs the size of pick up sticks. Mr Wolf knocked quietly on the second pigs front door. "Excuse me little pig but would you please let me in?" Mr Wolf asked politely. "Not by the hair of my chinny chin chin" exclaimed the pig. Just then a light breeze floated passed the pigs house. A tiny twig flew free of the house and and poked the roof of Mr Wolfs mouth. Mr Wolf let out a great big cough. The rotting house collapsed into a heap right in front of Mr Wolfs very feet.
Frustrated, Mr Wolf stommped up to the third and final pigs house. He was unaware that the third pig had been watching the whole act from the corner of his window. Being the smartest out of all of the pigs he had decided to revise a cunning plan that would shame the Wolf, making him regret his foolish actions. If the pig had listened carefully he would have realised that Mr Wolf meant no harm and that his acts were merely coincidental.
Mr Wolf banged his knuckles onto the brick door. Before he was even able to think, the pig had him by his wrists dragging him into the pigs own soup pot. The pot was nestled cossily against the fire. Its bottom chared with hot coal. Mr Wolfs suede pants caught fire in a flash. Red and orange flames burst from the bottom of the large soup pot creating a mass of grey smoke. It engulfed the building, blinding the pig and giving the Wolf a great escape.
And so began Mr Wolfs hatred. If that didn't seem enough the following event topped it off. The three little pigs wrote, edited and published a book explaining the events that Mr Wolf endured. Only making Mr Wolf seem envious and cruel, and the three little pigs bright, happy, harmless and smart. It was a book full of lies, this how ever is not!
By Kristen Corbett