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Thames Valley Swimming Championship Results

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Thames Valley Swimming Championship Results
by Kelvin Maine - Monday, 5 March 2012, 3:21 PM

We took a team of 13 swimmers to the Thames Valley Swimming Championships held in Matamata.  The team was very successful with most students placing in the races and one of our students broke a  Thames Valley record:  Well done to these students:

Libby Bradley                       Junior Girls – 1st 50m backstroke (Broke Record), 1st 100m freestyle
                                             and 1st 100m Individual medley.

Liam Cossey                        Intermediate Boys – 1st 50m backstroke, 1st 50m butterfly
                                             and 1st 50m freestyle.

Nathan Davies                     Junior Boys – 2nd 50m breaststroke, 2nd 100m breaststroke
                                             and 3rd Individual medley.

Grace Diggelmann              Junior Girls – 1st 50m breaststroke, 2nd 50m butterfly and 2nd 100m breaststroke.

Toby Hendy                         Senior Girls – 1st 50m breaststroke, 2nd 100m breaststroke and 3rd 50m backstroke

Tyrone Julian                      Intermediate Boys – 1st 100m Individual medley, 3rd 100m freestyle

Rhona Miller                       Senior Girls – 2nd 50m free and 3rd 100m freestyle

Stacey Muir                        Intermediate Girls – 1st 100m Indvidual medley, 2nd 100 free and 2nd 50m butterfly

Gaia Pini                            1st 50m free, 2nd 50m backstroke and 3rd 100m backstroke

Lucy Scown                       Junior Girls – 4th 50m free

Jayden Van Timmeren      Junior Boys – 3rd 50m backstroke

Nick Wagstaff                    Junior Boys – 4th 50m free


Our relay teams did well as well but the teams were mixed up with ages.

Intermediate Girls Relay Team – Libby Bradley, Grace Diggelmann, Stacey Muir and Gaia Pini
                                                    1st IM Relay and 1st Freestyle Relay

Intermediate Boys Relay Team – Jayden Van Timmeren, Nick Wagstaff, Tyrone Julian, Liam Cossey and Nathan Davies
                                                  – 1st IM Relay and 2nd 100m free relay

Senior Girls Relay Team – Rhona Miller, Toby Hendy, Lauren Sobye and Lucy Scown