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More Herald Winners
by Kelvin Maine - Tuesday, 5 July 2011, 8:38 AM
Two of our students, Toby Hendy (Year 12) and Iain Miller (Year 11) have had work published in the New Zealand Herald. As part of their English studies they produced material on leadership.

To be a great leader, you have to be a great team player. Sir Peter Blake was a team player – loyal, inspirational and able to encourage a whole team to great success. “Peter had a special skill to draw together a group of people who worked incredibly well together, who trusted one another and who always had a tremendous amount of fun. He seemed to have a magic glue that meant his teams stuck together through good times and bad – he was a wonderful, wonderful leader.” - Sir Tom Clark.

A great leader emphasises that each individual task (no matter how great or small) is important to team success. A great leader can ‘lead’ themselves out of a team by encouraging each team member to take responsibility. Toby expressed her ideas on leadership in a poem and Iain created an image. Click on Iain’s image to see Toby’s poem.